Introducing Raminibar – Personal site turned Point & Click adventure!


What is a personal site? For many years, I have been keeping a page where I’d list some info about me and occasionally update my blog. This made the format somewhat cold and impersonal.

I decided to make this site into something more like me. I started thinking about what it is that I’m good at and that I’d enjoy sharing. The three answers were 1. playing/making games, 2. doing startups, 3. thinking about technology. I wanted to change the site into a discussion, something funny. I also figured I might as well throw away the old generic name and change it to Raminibar, a nickname people have been giving me because I’ve been throwing parties at my place. The only thing left was to come up with a new presentation. I had old games, discussion and a name that sounded like the Scumm Bar from Monkey Island.

I decided to turn my page into a point & click adventure! This was a really fun project. There’s a few things to polish here and there, but I’m very happy with the result. I hope you like it.

I’d like to thank Emma Kantanen for the amazing art (her second piece of pixel art ever) and Laura Koekoek for the code (her first HTML5 project). Since it took so much effort to build this, I really don’t have an excuse not to update more often.

Monocle link: