Indie game review: Stream, a first person puzzle game


I’ve just finished playing a short experimental game made by French game design students. Its name is Stream. It’s a first person puzzle game with minimalistic graphics, in the same vein as Corporate Property or Antichamber.

This is a game about the flow of time. You can move and jump like in a normal FPS, but you also control time for platforms that are black. You can fast forward, rewind or freeze time, in a similar manner as you do in Braid. This allows you to reach platforms, create bridges, open up paths. Just like in Braid or Portal, the puzzles will feel obvious once you’ve figured them out. However you won’t get stuck long: I completed the six rooms and reached the end credits in 15 minutes.


The graphics are black and white, with some post processing effect making it grainy. The levels are very abstract, consisting of polygonal shapes and large blank canvases. The overall style is minimalistic and clean, giving Stream a very pretty aesthetic. I’m sure the simplicity helped the development team finish the game faster!

You can download Stream via the official site or play it on Kongregate. I recommend using an Xbox 360 controller.

Monocle link: